Clovelly Public School

Aim High

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Learning and Support Programs

Learning and Support programs are available to any student experiencing difficulties academically, emotionally and/or socially. Our learning support program ensures that all the needs of the students are being met through universal, targeted or intensive programs. 

Our school has qualified Learning nd Support Teachers (LaST) who support students in the classrooms and through withdrawal programs. 

School Counsellor

Our School Counsellor is a registered psychologist and available for student support and assessment two days per week. Referrals to the School Counsellor are made through the Learning Support Team and/or directly from parents.  

Macqlit and Minilit

Macq lit and Minilit are explicit targeted intervention programs for low-progress readers. These effective withdrawal programs systematically teach and assess phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension daily in a small select group.

Clovelly Connect (Lego Club)

Clovelly Connect is a targeted social skills program that utilises Lego building to develop skills such as making eye contact, sharing and personal space. This program is about having fun, making new friends while focusing on a weekly social skills which is integrated through role-play and group discussion.

High Potential and Gifted Programs

Our enrichment programs operate across the whole school across a broad range of subjects and are coordinated by specialist Gifted and Talented Teacher, Dr Van Fliet. This program consists of in class enrichment and extension to differentiate the program depending on the needs of the students. In addition, students may be invited to participate in team or individual project learning based tasks in areas such a literacy, STEM, Science, or Maths.

Peer Support

Our Peer support program involves Stage 3 Students participating in an intensive training program provided by Peer Support Australia. Armed with new leadership skills, the stage 3 students teach weekly lessons to the younger classes focusing on building resilience, cooperation and respect.